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Radio Sky FM

Radio Sky FM is all about the world evolution. Radio Sky FM is a christian radio station. We specialize mainly in breaking news and politics. The listeners are proud that we are born today. Radio Sky FM provide ample HD audio music. We do not carry the cassette deck or a CD-ROM in our studio. We carry the latest technology. Time after time things have changed so we have to upgrade the way we broadcast. Radio Sky FM is made for that.

Radio Soleil – New York Brookly

Radio Soleil New York

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Half a million Captive, dedicated listeners.

A growing niche market that relies on Radio Soleil for direction

The fastest growing small business community

One third of the buying power of the Caribbean community

Ricot Dupuy is the Director of Radio Soleil. His commentaries and analyses have major resonance in the Haitian community here and abroad. His views are aired on a number of radio outlets throughout the United states. He is consulted regularly by the American press on Haitian issues. He has been featured several times in the NY times and the other major NY Newspapers. CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS have all interviewed him.

Ricot have had one on one interviews with a number of presidents including, William Jefferson Clinton and Nelson Mandela, to mention just a few. He now hosts a daily show at 9pm, an analysis of the news and major issues of the day and VOIX ET VERITES, Newsmaker interviews with the major actors on the Haitian political scene

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Radio Caraibes Inter

Radio Caraibes Inter de la Floride


Good Morning Caraibes 8h AM – 11h AM

Show replay 11 h AM – 12h PM

Saisissez l’Occasion 12PM – 1PM

La vie devant soi 1PM – 2PM

Caraibes after noon 2PM – 4PM

Caraibes World News 4PM-6PM

Kontak Karaib(libre tribune)6PM-7PM

Pran Konsyans 7PM-8PM

Ministries in Action 8PM-10PM

Caraibes at night :Grandes louanges 11PM -3PM

Caraibes Info a chaque heure …….voici le prog.