La Brise FM

La Brise FM est une radio haïtienne émettant depuis Camp-Perrin, Les Cayes, SUD qui émet sur la quasi totalité de la peninsule Sud d’Haïti. Elle propose une programmation en continu, 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours. Slogan: Le Roi FM de la metropole Sud

Adresse: Haïti
Téléphone: 605-475-6897

Radio Tele Ambiance

Grâce à une programmation musicale reprenant un format généraliste, des infos locales, régionales mais aussi une large place laissée au sport et à l’info de loisir… Ambiance FM s’impose aujourd’hui comme une radio novatrice au grand publique.

football… Tous les clubs tous les sports sont mis à l’honneur le week-end par l’équipe des sports. Avec des retransmissions sportives annuelles, des événementiels comme ” Championnat national “, ” championat interregional “, ” coupe d’europe “, Ambiance FM est devenue une référence en matière de sport le week-end.

Ambiance FM, c’est aussi des émissions réalisées en direct des grands évènements régionaux :
Carnaval de Jacmel, Foire Economique , Jacmel film festival, les fetes régionaux, ” Tous en Boîte ” live…

Grâce à sa présence lors des manifestations, Ambiance FM tient un rôle de média incontournable sur sa zone de diffusion: Le department du Sud-Est.

Radio Sky FM

Radio Sky FM is all about the world evolution. Radio Sky FM is a christian radio station. We specialize mainly in breaking news and politics. The listeners are proud that we are born today. Radio Sky FM provide ample HD audio music. We do not carry the cassette deck or a CD-ROM in our studio. We carry the latest technology. Time after time things have changed so we have to upgrade the way we broadcast. Radio Sky FM is made for that.

Reseau 21 haiti

Reseau 21 haiti


Réseau 21 and Marketing Group est une entreprise commerciale multisectorielle. Réseau 21 and Marketing Group est plus qu’une entreprise de communication et un centre de formation, Réseau 21 est aussi un espace pluriel adapté à toutes les attentes : Lieu de rencontre, de partage, de découvertes, d’apprentissage, d’expérimentation, de performance et de divertissement.
Notre plan d’action se situe dans les domaines suivants : Culture, Sport, Environnement, Education, Tourisme et Economie.
Réseau 21 est spécialisé en promotion étude exécution supervision formation et animation de séminaires, organisation de bals, festivals etc

Radio Commerciale

Radio Commerciale

Radio Commerciale d’Haiti, La Radio des Hommes d’Affaires, was founded in February 2002 and is located in the world’s first Black Republic. Haiti, originally controlled by the Spanish in the 1400′s, was subsequently taken over by the French in the 1660′s when the people of Haiti started an uprising and began to fight for their freedom 1n 1791. By the year 1804, Haiti had succeeded in becoming the world’s first Black Republic.

Haiti is located between the islands of Cuba and Jamaica. It’s about 11,000 square miles of the island Hispanola. Haiti has a lot of mountains. It has also beautiful plains and lot of palm trees, mangoes, avocados, coconut trees and various others tropical trees. Haiti is the ideal location for those travelers seeking culture as well as history.

Port-au-Prince is the capital of Haiti. Not far from Port-au-Prince you find the commune of Tabarre. In a short period of time Tabarre has become the home to many successful companies. One of these companies is Radio Commerciale d’Haiti.

Star Haiti Radio

Star Radio
Website: is a private company operating as a semi-broadcasting community to contribute to the overall development of Haiti. For information local, regional, national and international about what is happening politically, culturally, economically and socially. Through participation in civic education-popular urban and rural masses. By developing a sense of belonging to users in the world. By supplying and offering discussion on regional issues in promoting our rural towards the diaspora. Through the promotion of the Haitian culture in the world. Well, today is halfway, with great courage, she will continue to pierce the border hidden in the pride and beauty of Haiti in the world.

Radio Star Haiti based in Haiti reflects the lives of the upscale listener, living in Haiti’s most
rapidly growing region. Our programming is targeted at the ambitious young adult, middle aged professionals between ages 20 and 50 with the spending power. Music and News are our major focus the two that ensure the best of entertainment and provide an exciting lifestyle. The language base is 30% French and 70% Creole . Star Haiti broadcasts 24 hours a day. Our equipment is unmatched with back up to stay on at every given time.We delight in promotions and events as powerful tools to drive a brand’s profitability.


Star Haiti is rich in music, and variety, and loaded with substance like news, authentic and authoritative entertainment presentation in bulletins and discussions, developmental and socio-discussions. The music format offers a diverse mix , Highlife and hiplife. The many programmes, variety of musical programmes and other specialized educative and informative programmes make us one of the most listened to radio stations in Haiti and beyond.